Saturday, March 24, 2007


So I'm listening to Rapper Big Pooh's "My Mind" for the umpteenth time since the sun set on another glorious Sabbath. Now I found the song just before the Sabbath hours descended upon us but whoa. Before I get into the beauty of the song and make this a post for my other blog (Wait, you haven't been?), let me get to the real point.

The dude that sings the hook is Darien Brockington. Now the only way I know him is that he sang some hooks for Little Brother, my current favorite group. He also had an EP that I got my hands on and also he just released an album late last year I haven't been able to touch. Anyway, he's got a couple joints I keep on repeat. His voice is cool. Nice vibe, nice lyrics.

Now listening to him, I'm loving his voice even more. But I'm also realizing that this guy just happened to get on because his college friends happened to be serious about the music thing and he had some talent to lend. Now he has an independently released album. He tours a little bit. Plus he has a bunch of MySpace friends. What is stopping me from living this lifestyle?

I usually have joked that I would love to be a background singer, but honestly could it be so bad? Even just hook singer. If I got to D-Brock's position I would be happy as a clam. What better way to spend youth? Then you take that experience and move on. Or add on to it. Who knows where it could go? So why not get serious about it? How much would it hurt to actually try?

That random call from a former co-worker to sing on her baby daddy's record doesn't sound so ludicrous all of a sudden.

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